Devil’s Highway Volume 2

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Devil’s Highway Volume 2 is a five-issue story arc that features Brent Schoonover on art and Nick Filardi on colors.

A truck stacked with bodies is discovered along the US/Canada border. And Sharon Harrow and Quentin Skinner are on the case.

They now drive a truck of their own—one with a grill like a clenched fist and outfitted with an arsenal and interrogation chamber in its cab.They need to figure out how all of these corpses are connected—and when they uncover the terrifying truth, Skinner will try to present his case to the FBI, to prove he was right all along about the interconnection of the interstate killers.

Devil's Highway Cover

But the murder syndicate has infiltrated the walls of the very institution meant to protect us. And now our heroes are on the run—hunted by law enforcement and the trucking community—framed for crimes they didn’t commit.

If they’re going to survive, they’ll have to rely on the sharp intelligence and dangerous hacking skills of Sharon…the occult connections and borderline psychic/empath abilities of Skinner…and the loyalties of new friends and old.

Whereas our first season was more of a slow burn—that focused on the dawning mystery of the highway killers—this second volume will crank up the paranoia and stakes and speed, leaving a trail of burnt rubber and blood that reads like a horror-tinged version of Enemy of the State and The Fugitive.

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